Hans Hateboer: “At last, I’m here again”

Atalanta-Venezia post-match interview

He’s back on the pitch after being out for more than six months due to injury. Hans Hateboer started against Venezia and completed the full 90 minutes. “At last, I’m here again” are the words of the Dutch wingback at the end of the match.

Welcome back, Hans Hateboer.

“Yes, thank you. At last! It’s been six long months but I’m here again.”

Hans, how does it feel to be back on the pitch and race down the wing?

“Yes, I’ve missed it so much. I couldn’t wait to play and be part of the squad again. It was tough to be far from the group not always be around and not be with the team. At last, I played with the team and completed the full 90 minutes. It was the perfect night to return.”

You won 4-0 and featured for the full 90 minutes. Everything was perfect, as you said. How much did you miss the pitch?

“A lot. I also haven’t played in front of the fans for a long time, as they weren’t in the stadium when I played last year. So, it’s been almost 2 years since I last played in front of the fans. I’m pleased there were fans this evening, I’m happy I played for 90 minutes and we won. It was a good win and a good evening.”

You’re back with a win. This Atalanta side confirm themselves in the top spots of the table. It was the perfect evening. However, now it’s time for you to immediately focus on the next fixtures, as you returned and found yourself playing every three days.

“Sure. I still have to find again the tempo to play so many fixtures, as I’ve been out for so long and you can’t play all matches right away. However, our squad is made up of 23 players who can all play and the outcome is the same. We’ve seen it this evening. It’s important for me to play and to train to find again the tempo.”