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CEO Percassi: “Renewed with Gasperini”

Atalanta-Venezia post-match interview

The announcement was made at the end of the match and it was CEO Luca Percassi to make it: “Atalanta and Gasperini are still together”. The Club and the coach have reached an agreement over the extension of the contract until 2024, with an option in favour of Atalanta to extend it for another year, until 2025. Today was an important day thanks to the 4-0 victory over Venezia that was made even more special by this announcement.

Luca Percassi, CEO of Atalanta, the big news is not the Nerazzurri’s 4-0 win over Venezia but is something that refers to Gian Piero Gasperini.

“Yes, we’ve officially extended the contract with the coach just this morning until 2024, with an option to extend it, in favour of Atalanta, for another season until 2025. We’ve finally made it official after speaking about it this summer. It’s a pleasure for us because today’s result is important, and also because today we confirm we have a big relationship with the coach.”

This relationship continues, the project continues, the goals are bigger and bigger, such as the Club’s growth and Atalanta’s further consolidation.

“Yes. Exactly. You learn something at every step, in every match. Today’s match was difficult at first but then became easier. That proves how difficult the League is. We’ve been having a wonderful journey in the Champions League. Everyone who has been following it understands how much a club like ours can learn from it. We’ll have a magical evening in Bergamo next Wednesday, regardless of the result.”

Was it difficult to reach an agreement with Gasperini?

“No. We have extended the contract many times. We get along very well.”

The Percassi family, Gian Piero Gasperini, this Atalanta side have rewritten the Club’s history. Perhaps, another page will be written next Wednesday. The stadium will be sold out because there will be a match against Villarreal. We’ll share these strong emotions all together.

“Yes, we will. We know our roots. We repeat it many times. We know the sacrifices that were made, the victories that we struggled for. Therefore, by only remembering where we come from, we’ll be able to fully appreciate what we’re having. We know that these have been the most wonderful years in Atalanta’s history. We’ve reached a very high level participating in all these competitions. The most important thing is to live all this again in our Stadium with all our fans. Basically, it’s the most important thing, while on the pitch, that we all feel responsible towards our city.”