Matteo Pessina: “We regret it a bit”

Milan v Atalanta post-match interview

Atalanta put in a good performance at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza but lost it all to Milan. Matteo Pessina commented on the match: “We regret it a bit”.

Matteo Pessina, what a pity! Atalanta had been holding their own against Milan.

“Yes, we’d intensified. We had managed to hold out and keep it down to 0-0. We’d been creating chances and keeping the ball and then a goal arrived after a clear foul. So, the match was messed up a bit. The game opened up. Milan put in a great performance and deserved the win for their display. But, we regret it a bit [for the loss] because we played well as we also got excited in such an environment. It’s a pity we didn’t even get a point. So, everything is postponed till next week”.

Exactly. To keep your European hopes alive you have to see the results of your direct rivals and then there will be the final decisive 90 minutes.

“Yes, it’s true. Actually, we should try not to look at the others’ results. We should focus on delivering a good performance. We did great, even if we didn’t win points. [We must focus] on doing well in the next one and get three points, which is crucial”.

Matteo, it’s been a more complicated year than usual.

“Yes. It’s been a quite complicated year. Many teams improved. We had some downs. We played many matches, we got many injuries. There’s a mix of things that we must analyse. Of course, we could have done a bit better. But there are also the opponents. We must give them credit. But we haven’t lost our strength and ambitions, we want to finish as high as possible. This year it went slower, especially in the second part but we’ll start over next year to do our best”.