Mario Pašalić: “It was tough but we won”

Cagliari-Atalanta post-match interview

It was his goal to open the scoring at Unipol Domus. Since October, no Serie A player has taken part in as many goals as Mario Pašalić. They were five: two goals and three assists: “I’m happy to help the team. It was tough but we won”. Here is the interview with the attacking midfielder.

Mario, the match seemed easy because you immediately broke the deadlock. It turned out to be difficult.

“It wasn’t easy, as maybe everyone had expected it to be so. Maybe because Cagliari are bottom of the table. But, I think they’re a good team and don’t deserve that spot. It was tough. We had been aware of it before because it was always difficult to play here. They are always a tough opponent. When they are in difficulty, the only thing they can do is to push the boundaries. So, today it was tough. But we won, in the end. That’s all that matters.”

How important was it to win this match? How important is this win for your position in the League and for your spirit? You go on the international break having earned a good spot on the table.

“Yes, it was crucial to round those seven matches off that we played between the two breaks. We did well in these seven matches. We had to win this match to stay in the top spots of the table. We are sitting fourth. It was important, we did it. So, we are happy.”

Now you’ll be on the international break. Will you be able to reflect on how to win at home?

“Yes. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s true that if we want to stay in the top spots, we have to win home matches too. So, I’ll hope we’ll do it right away against Spezia.”

Mario, you scored a goal and you are the player who contributed to the most goals in Serie A since October. Five goals in total, 2 of which you scored and then you provided three assists.

“It’s nice, I didn’t know it. I’m glad. I’m happy that I’m playing regularly. Whatever comes as an extra is good. I’m happy that I can help the team to reach their goals. It’s what we fight for. And I’m happy.”