Green Energy: Women’s teams’ back-of-shirt Sponsor

Green Energy has been Atalanta’s sponsor for many years, in particular the Nerazzurri Academy’s women’s teams’ back-of-shirt sponsor for the third consecutive season.

In the cover photo (in the middle from left to right) Gabriele Ghilardi, Green Energy President, and Luca Bolis, Green Energy Sales and Marketing Director, posing with the girls from the Under-17 Women’s team

Below, a group shot with the girls and staff from the Under-17 Women’s Team. From left to right standing up, the second one from the left is Stefano Cambiaghi, Women’s Teams’ representative, in the middle Gabriele Ghilardi, Green Energy President, and Luca Bolis, Green Energy Sales and Marketing Direction, the last one is Stefano Bonaccorso, Atalanta’s Basic Activity Coordinator.

Green Energy Saving Company Srl is a local company of Bergamo, which was founded by its President Gabriele Ghilardi in 2016, who built his core business on the basis of such principles as excellence and passion. The company has shortly become a point of reference in its sector.

Green Energy is a company that is specialised in electrical energy and methane gas supply and sale all over the country, implementing an environmentally friendly policy, in other words, the company pays a lot of attention to eco-sustainability and has developed a great number of initiatives regarding energy saving.

The company’s leitmotiv always remains the same: no call centres or telemarketing but thorough work based on human relationships, attention to the customer, especially when there’s a problem to solve.

In the picture below, from left to right, Maurizio Costanzi, the Head of Atalanta’s Youth Academy, and Gabriele Ghilardi, Green Energy Chairman

  • 16/01/2022
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