Giuseppe Pezzella: “Quality match played with character”

Atalanta-Inter post-match interview

Atalanta tied the top-quality clash with Inter, putting in a performance not only of quality and accuracy but as the young wingback Giuseppe Pezzella underlines: “Quality match played with character”. Here is the post-match interview.

Giuseppe Pezzella, what a performance Atalanta gave! In a full emergency, you held out against Inter, who are the leaders of the table.

“I think today you could see the spirit of this team in spite of many difficulties, many absences. It turned out to be a quality match played with character. I think we caused difficulties for Inter, for a great part of the match, who are the leaders of the table.”

You had chances to take the lead. It’s not that you only held them off. You played and you kept on attacking.

“Yes, we always play this way, going forward, developing our attacking moves. Logically, you have to be more alert and focused in the defence against Inter. In fact, today the draw is fine. Even if, we’d have preferred to win it.”

Do you regret that you didn’t get all three points? Perhaps if you had faced Inter having the whole squad available?

“Yes, we regret it very much. Looking back at the chances we had, we could have done more. But it’s just fine the way it is.”