Gian Piero Gasperini: “An extraordinary match”

Napoli-Atalanta post-match interview

Gian Piero Gasperini is satisfied and there’s a reason for that. After the win at Juventus, his men won outright at Napoli as well, securing their position in the top spots of the table: “An extraordinary match”.

Gian Piero Gasperini, what can we say. This Atalanta side also won at Napoli after winning at the Juventus stadium.

“Fantastic! Well done to the lads, who produced an extraordinary display. It was a good win against Juve. But tonight’s win was even better because of the variation of the result and the performance we delivered. Also, it was even better because of the kind of team we faced, who are very good. Therefore, the team deserve even more credit.”

It’s so satisfying because this Atalanta side are on it, even if there’s that little word you don’t want to hear.

“No, I’ve said it many times, even tonight: The day we get to the top of the table, then we can talk about Scudetto. Since we’ve never been top of the table during these years, we’ve been second a few times, but we’ve never been the leaders… If we manage to get there, I will say we can challenge for it.”

It was a great Atalanta side, who showed a big heart. Malinovskyi said it as well, you’re never giving up, as after taking the lead, you conceded the equaliser and then Napoli also took the lead.

“In the first half, we could have made it 2-0 several times. Then we were pegged back, they equalised. Conceding in the opening minutes could have worn any team out. Yet, we built a fantastic game from that. We were also a bit unlucky, as we had a lot of goalscoring opportunities both in the first and the second half. Then we won in an extraordinary manner.”

Now there’s Villarreal.

“Now we have to set our heads straight in the next two days, as it’s an in and out game and we must win. It’ll be a difficult game because we’re facing a strong side who won the Europa League last season and that we know well. However, we’re playing at home, we’ll have great enthusiasm and the atmosphere will be top-notch. It’s a huge chance because reaching the round of 16 this year as well would be a fantastic achievement.”